Ever had that moment where you are painting something... it's not done yet but you really want to share it? However, you're afraid to "clutter" your profile with wips???

Social media sites are focused on finished art. As artists, we share wips to get feedback on what we are working on. To show we are still alive, struggling on our latest piece. Or to show off what we're learning. Seeing the wips of other artists helps us learn new things too. How a piece of art got to its final form is important to us as the finished art.

wips.art is designed for sharing wips! On wips.art, there's no real "finished" art, everything is a work in progress. A post is a collection of "wips" for a piece that can be updated whenever progress is made. People can comment only on the latest update and have a chance to influence where the piece might go.

Post authors could ask for feedback on their latest update, and other artists will be better informed about the piece. They can see how the piece started, it's goals, what has been tried, etc. A good critique requires good context, wips.art makes it easier.

We hope wips.art will be the place where artists can share art without pressure and learn from each other. All features we build will be for that goal.

These are the main ideas so far:

Artists could also monetize posts with web monetization. We'll discuss what web monetization is on another post. TLDR, it is a new way to monetize content on the web. If a post is monetized, only the first update can be seen for free. To see later updates, a coil.com subscription is required.

Wouldn't it be cool if good comments could be rewarded? This feature is not available yet but we plan to add it in the near future. Post owners will be able to select good comments if the post is monetized. Comment authors will be have a small portion of the earnings. We hope this will encourage helpful comments.

Who are building wips.art?

We are artists. A team of two, Xander Jake de los Santos and Talia Skyles.

Grant for the Web

We are supported by Grant for the Web. Grant for the Web is a fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. As part of the grant, we integrate web monetization on wips.art. We aim to figure out if web monetization and art are a good fit. Exploring and experimenting what features can be built using this new technology.

learn more here.

Keep in touch!

Join our discord server! Let us know what you think! https://discord.gg/rvf9AsXYqA